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When Will Smith decided to create the summer song of 1998 he didn’t sing about Las Vegas, LA or NYC – he said, “Welcome to Miami”. Even before the release of this hit song, Miami was a destination that has been on the bucket list of the Hollywood elite, sports athletes and corporate captains of industry. Today it remains one of the coolest places to visit and why many visitors and residents choose to hire a professional limo service in Miami for all of their transportation needs.

Hiring a Limo Service in MiamiHowever, unlike most US cities, getting around in Miami, Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale in a limo is a common choice of transportation. And with several limo service companies operating in Miami and surrounding cities, finding one that will provide you with amazing service without breaking your travel budget can be difficult.

In order to simplify this process, here are some tips for hiring a dependable limo service in Miami that will ensure you travel in style anytime you’re visiting South Florida.

Appearance with a Limo Service in Miami is Critical
It’s often said that people judge a book by its cover – but when it comes to finding a dependable limo service in Miami, their outside appearance and how they represent themselves is critical element that will indicate their level of professionalism. When people hire a limo service in Miami it’s typically to travel to and from one location to another comfortably, safely and on time. These important attributes are demonstrated through how well a company represents themselves.

When you’re looking at any limo company in Miami, check out a few of these specific areas online to see how well they represent themselves.

  • Check their website. A professional limo company will take pride in the way their brand is displayed online. If they have a messy and hard to navigate website – it’s most likely that they operate their business in the same manner. However, if their website is clean, neat and straight – you can be certain they pay attention to the smallest details. And that is a critical difference between high quality private transportation in Miami and ‘just another limo company’.
  • Check their reputation with the BBB. Another great source of information about the quality that a company represents is the Better Business Bureau. In the service industry, customers often file complaints with the BBB when a business does not treat them fair – or operates under false pretense. You can’t or shouldn’t have to deal with anybody that has a negative relationship with the BBB – especially when you’re looking for luxury and excellence. Always ensure a company has a solid reputation with the BBB in Miami.

Make Sure the Limo Service in Miami Offers Flexible Hours

Miami is a town that never sleeps. As such, you always want to ensure that any limo company you hire in Miami or South Beach maintains hours that are flexible to your evolving schedules. A great rule of thumb is to ask any company if they operate 24/7. Believe it or not, there are many limo companies in Southern Florida that have very restricted hours of operation. Remember, you are the boss – so only work with a company that will work with you – on your time schedule.

Check Their Membership Affiliation
Traditionally service providers that take proactive measures to be active with accredited organizations display a dedication to superior service. This is no different in the private transportation industry. There are two primary organizations that any limo service company in Miami should belong including:

  • The National Limousine Association
  • The State of Florida Limousine Association

Why are these memberships so critical you ask? Here are some reasons why:

  • First, the National Limousine Association only permits companies that have outstanding service records to be members. It’s an accredited organization that is dedicated to verifying that any limo service company within their membership will always provide safe, dependable and high-class limo service.
  • Second, The State of Florida Limo Association goes further by making sure that local companies that operate throughout the state have positive service records.
  • Third, when any limo service company maintains a positive relationship with both of these entities, you can be confident that they will always treat you with the utmost respect.

Hiring a limo service company is actually pretty simple when you think about it. It’s always best to work with a company that will always treat you like a VIP – regardless of the extent of your individual needs. Before you make your travel plans, consider these critical tips and do your homework on any limo service company in Miami before you hire them.

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