When it comes to planning and arranging private transportation for business or personal events, changes in scheduling, location and other uncontrollable situations can sometimes create conflict. VIP Miami Limo understands the reality that often disrupts our clients’ busy schedules which is why we offer customized point to point limo transfers throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Miami Limo Point to Point Transfers

It is the mission of VIP Miami Limo to offer each guest the most secure, comfortable and dependable private transportation service possible. Our company was built on honestly, transparency and the ability to work with our clients ever-evolving schedules. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to offer customized point to point limo service throughout Miami-Dade county and Southern Florida. Regardless of the size of your party, we’ll customize a package that fits your needs and budget.

Flexible Point to Point Limo Service
Our point to point limo transfers are offered to all clients that are in need of flexible private transportation services. Whether you need to be shuttled from your hotel to a convention, or picked up at the airport after a late arrival time, VIP Miami Limo’s is on the job – ready to safely, quickly and comfortably get you to any destination. Our professional chauffeurs have an uncanny ability to think quickly on their feet, know the best routes to drive and are very easy to communicate with.

Professional and Courteous Point to Point Transfers
Each member of the team at VIP Miami Limo is here to serve you. We offer our service around the clock, 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. This flexibility allows us to offer point to point service to our guests with little to no hurdles to overcome. Simply contact our professional team, let us know about your travel requirements and we’ll tailor a solution that ensures you to safely and comfortably arrive at your destination on time.

Affordable Point to Point Transfers
It’s very typical for many limo companies to price gouge their customers with their point to point transfers. This however is not the way we conduct business at VIP Miami Limo. In fact, our point to point transfers are highly competitive within the marketplace. However, we pride ourselves in the value that we provide our customers. If we believe that a point to point service is best suited for you – we’ll offer you that service. However, if after speaking with you it simply makes financial sense to create a customized pick up and drop off schedule – we will always place your best interest as our priority.

Your complete satisfaction is the mission at VIP Miami Limo. Our professional team of licensed and certified chauffeurs are always available to our guests – on their time table. Our people will always treat you with the utmost respect and dignity, but also respect your privacy and cater our services to fit your specific style.

There are several reasons why many of the leading business professionals, sport athletes, celebrities, corporate clients, politicians and more choose to work with VIP Miami Limo. Our dedication to producing quality results with every limo service has become a hallmark trait in a very short time.

For more information about our customized point to point limo transfers service in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach – please contact our professional staff today at (305) 300-7761 or email us directly at info@vipmiamilimo.com.

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