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airport-seaport-lomoTraveling to and from Miami is much easier when you work with a professional limo service. Whether you’re planning on traveling by sea or by air, one way to ensure you safely and efficiently get to your destination is by looking for quality airport & seaport limo service in Miami. The trick however, is trying to separate the pretenders from the true contenders in the private transportation industry that always go above and beyond for their customers.


Here are a few things that you should verify about any company that provides airport & seaport limo service in Miami before you sign on the dotted line.

Make Sure They Service All Airports and Seaports in Miami-Dade County
Did you know that there are several limo companies that service only some airports and seaports in Miami-Dade County? Why should you waste your time calling individual limo companies to make sure they service the precise airport or seaport where you will be leaving town or arriving? The best solution here is to only work with a professional limo company in Miami that services all airports and seaports in the geographic region.

When it comes to specific airports, there are (9) in the Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach area that cater to private and public air transportation. However, sometimes one airport might be delayed due to weather and your flight may be rerouted to another airport close. Always check the website of any limo service company in Miami to verify they service all potential airports in the area to avoid any hassles.

Ensure they Have Experience with Airport and Seaport Security Protocols
The FAA and US Coast Guard have instigated several new security regulations in all aspects of air and sea travel. Due to these facts, it’s very important that any limo company you hire for airport or seaport limo service in Miami and surrounding cities in Southern Florida has experience with all security protocols. Some of the specific skills and procedures they should know include:

  • Where to pick up and drop off travelers
  • The airport or seaport policies on waiting for passengers to arrive
  • The location of all baggage claim, personal service and concierge services at airports
  • Emergency contact information for security offices and how to adapt to emergency road closures
  • Having extensive knowledge of all local routes in and out of any airport or seaport to expedite travel in case of construction closures.

Verify they Offer 24/7 Airport and Seaport Service
Occasionally you’ll have to fly or head out to sea on a cruise on hours that bankers don’t traditionally keep. Due to this common fact, it’s important to only hire a limo service company that provides you with around the clock pick-up and delivery service. It’s also important to verify with the airport and seaport limo company in Miami that they have the flexibility to offer point-to-point transfers if needed.

Each of these three steps will ensure that the airport & seaport limo company in Miami will be prepared to handle any changes to your travel itinerary while providing you exceptional customer service along the way.

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