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special_occasion_limoWhether you’re planning an anniversary dinner or your daughter is having her Sweet 16th birthday, it’s quite common for people living in Miami to hire a dependable limo company that services their part of town. But, contrary to popular belief, not all limo companies in Miami are equal. Some in fact are much better prepared to offer you superior and trustworthy service for your special occasion.


To help you find the right special occasion limo company in Miami, here is a list of important services that they should offer – designed to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Make Sure They Offer Customized Limo Service in Miami
The fact about special occasions is that they are indeed – special. It’s due to this fact that you never want to work with a limo company that offers cookie cutter specials. The problem with most ‘package deals’ is that they often restrict the freedom of choice that customers have. The limo company will tell you what vehicle you can use, what hours they are available and how long you can use their service.

This is the exact opposite of what should happen.

Remember, you are the boss. And you have a choice as to which limo service in Miami you’d choose. Because of this, make sure your special occasion remains truly special by insisting on a few important options.

First – Make Sure They Offer 24/7 Limo Service in Miami
When you’re planning any special event, you don’t want to be restricted by hours or time. For this purpose, always make sure that any limo company you hire offers around the clock operation. This is especially helpful when it comes to scheduling pick up times – and you’ll find that many limo companies that operate in the Miami area have restrictions. Don’t choose to work with these types of companies. Only work with a professional limo company in Miami that works around YOUR schedule – not the other way around.

Second – Make Sure They Offer Customized Packages
As we stated above, you don’t want to pick a cookie cutter limo service because the ‘price’ seems right. You’ll quickly discover that your overall value for what you’re paying for this generic package is really not very special what so ever. The best solution here is to work with a dependable limo service in Miami that offers you the freedom to customize a limo package that suits your needs, size of group and budget best.

Third – Make Sure They Provide Exceptional Customer Service
This might seem to be common sense however the reality is that superior customer service is very hard to come by these days. Here are a few things you should verify to prove to you that they can and will go above and beyond to cater to the needs of their customers.

a) Do they have a good service record with the BBB?
b) Are they transparent in their communication and friendly the first time you contact their office?
c) Do they reply to emails quickly or do you feel as if you’re a burden to their office?

When you follow these three tips for hiring a special occasions limo company in Miami, you’ll be certain to retain the services of a professional company that will ensure your special event is memorable.

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