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Limo_Prom_Night_MiamiGoing to the prom is the highlight of the entire senior year of high school for many students. Prom is planned months in advance, and finding the right tuxedo or dress – and the right date is a major process for many teenagers. Of course, going to the prom means you will want to arrive in style, and nothing is more stylish than a limo.


No matter where you go to school around the Miami area, picking out the right limo is a task that should be handled as soon as possible.

Assuming you have never hired a limo service before, there are a few questions that you should know to ask while going through the process. If you are get the right answers to these basic questions, you will have found the right prom limo service for you and your date.

Are they available on prom night?
This should always be the first question you ask, because if they are already booked, the rest of the questions are pointless. The proms of many high schools tend to be clustered around the same time, so things like limo services and tuxedo rentals tend to book up early. As soon as you make your prom plans, start calling around and finding out which limo services are available for that night.

How much do they charge?
Of course, you will likely have a budget for your prom night experience, so find out what the cost of the limo rental will be. If you are able to share the limo with a few other couples and share the cost, it could quickly become much more affordable. Make sure you have a specific itinerary for the night so the limo company can give you an accurate quote.

What areas do they serve?
Depending on where your prom will be held, and where else you wish to go that night, you need to make sure that the limo is able to serve you appropriately. This can be an issue specifically if your dinner is a long distance from the dance, or if you need to visit many different cities to pick up everyone in the party.

How late will they work?
Some limo services are available 24 hours, but not all – so make sure before you book the limo service that they are able to cover your timeframe. You might not know exactly how late you will be out that night, but discuss this with the limo company when you call to find out what their policy is regarding time.

Just by asking a few simple questions, you can get all of the information you need to pick out just the right limo service for you, your date, and the rest of your party. Be sure to start doing your research well in advance so all of the limo services don’t book up before you get a chance to make a reservation. With one more chore checked off the to-do list for prom night, you can keep making the rest of the preparations and start looking forward the big night.

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